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Ask Shaco

A large spotlight illuminates you, seated down in what appears to be some sort of armchair. You can't make out much of your surroundings aside from a figure, almost black against the light.

"Hello all you lovelies! I've spent so long building this for all of you here on this endless night and I'm sure you'll be a wonderful audience! I can do magic, did you know? In fact, my favorite magician is Ahmad Suradji (Editor's note: Don't look him up)! What a man he was! Before I get off-track, however, I'd like to point out that while we're in my realm, I make the rules. That means that everyone laughs at the jokes, or you get the pokes. Get it? Haha! In fact..."

Shaco grins big and wide, his jagged teeth like daggers glinting in the light cast around the room as he pulls out a long bladed weapon.

"This is Theodore. He loves company, and he told me earlier that he was dying to paint this forum READ! HAHA! "

"Lastly, a friendly reminder: Please do not try and exit the auditorium or even leave your seats until the show comes to its conclusion. I've been preparing such a long time for your arrival and I would just hate for you to act like poor guests! Without further adieu, Ask me... Anything."

With that, the spotlight in your face dims and another much smaller one would illuminate the puppet as he sits down, cocking his head sideways and once again and flashing that eery grin. As your eyes adjust to your surroundings, you notice that you're in a small forest clearing made out to look like a very crude theater. It's oddly silent, as though even the crickets are afraid to interrupt the show.

"Well? What are you waiting for. I've got forever."


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    A random passerby hears about the open forum for questions.

    "…Shaco, what does your name mean? ¿Also, why 'Shaco' is spelled with 'c' rather than 'k'…"

    The crowd begins to disperse disappointedly, after the initial pointless nomenclature extrapolation inquisition, and the mundane generic alphabetical secondary question.

    The passerby almost meanders away without waiting for an answer, hesitant in lackadaisical pursuit of the unlikely potential event that any nontrivial information could be garnered in the quaint scenario.

  • Shaco frowns.

    "How did you get out of your seat? Sit! Sit."

    At that moment, you would feel a tug at your limbs, almost as if you were being pulled along by some invisible force. You are then lifted clean into the air dropped down back into your seat, where a metal bar closes in around your chest.

    "What a dreadfully boring first question." Shaco says, rolling his eyes so far back into his head that you couldn't tell where the white of the mask ended and his eyes began

    "It means Chaos." The figure on stage would say, the room heavy with his disappointment. "Next question?"

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