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For real tho...

toxic city toxic city Member
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There was this dude on EUNE, that flamed me from the start of the game for not ganking his lane after he was losing pretty badly ( all the lanes were losing so I tried my best to help them all, but everytime I came bot to help him he started pinging and flaming and losing his mind ), so I muted him, tried to ignore him until the enemy team got involved, they were pointing out that he was very toxic ( idk what he said cause I had him muted, but it was about me ), so I unmuted him, tried to talk some sense into him, got flamed back again and then I was the one to get chat restricted, after I also reported him.

I don't know but SOME people in this community ( especially in this region), are way too toxic and it is actually disgusting to see them getting away all the time. And it got to a point where I stoped enjoying this game.

Everytime I keep coming back to this game it's dissapointing because of players like him...



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    I'm assuming the "no name and shame" rule still applies here. yes?

    even if it doesn't, what's the point of naming him? your post amounts to "there are toxic people in the game" and if you flamed him back (which you did) then you are no better than he is

  • ScavengertypeScavengertype Member
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    No. You have no idea how easy it is to keep a cool head when youre not an addicted, depressed player. We all deal with the same shit in this game. Why am I easily able to shrug off the bullshit and move on unbothered, and youre not? (Youre projecting)

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    are we not playing the same game? i deal with the same assholes in game that you do. The only difference is, i dont fall for their bullshit by sinking to their level

    you can play by the rules and keep your shit, or you can be petty, accomplish nothing, and potentially lose all your progress...your choice.

    I can tell you one thing, you should probably chill with the weird pseudo-racism, not going to do you any favors here, in game, or in life.

  • PrandinePrandine Moderator
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    The ban system does work, and many people have been banned by it over the years, but it's not instantaneous as it has to build up a case of the player in question consistently acting up in order to punish them. We all have to deal with obnoxious jerks in games but there are ways to vent without sinking to their level. Yell at the screen, punch a pillow, squeeze a stress ball, use the mute button. I understand that it's easier for some than others, especially in the heat of the moment, but these are just some alternatives to retaliating back against them and getting dragged down with them.

  • krsplatkrsplat Member

    To be honest, ultimately I can somewhat understand, about people being mean and getting upset at League and other games.

    People aren't toxic because they hate the other people who play the games with them: people act upset because most likely outside of the game they are having their lives destroyed from living in an unsafe environment where most of the people around them don't care about other people's well-being.

    It would be alot easier to play nicely and be friendly, if people actually felt like their lives were important to the other people around them. There's a fundamental difference between "playing League" - because - you hate the life you live and you have no help out-of-game in order to improve your life, and the fact most the friends in your peer group have a similar situation with being essentially a target within a toxic community looking for someone to make into the antagonist, and the game is an escape method in order to ignore and avoid people who are working against you - versus - "playing league" because it's a fun and relaxing game that you can enjoy in your free time.

    Most people who look at the game from an outsider's perspective, who queue for games occassionnally, or especially people who are compulsively ranking to become pro; probably don't think about the fact that the people in League's target demographic as a game are basically in an age group of people who don't have control over their own lives, are probably on the verge of self-hatred due to the high probability that their out-of-game environment is sabatoging their chance at having a good life, and therefore it's quite surreal to expect these people to behave properly as if they were living among a friendly community that wasn't trying to destroy their life outside of the game.

    In other words, although it may be true that typically League players have a tendency to "flame and blame," that's a problematic issue with a resolution that stems from adjusting the amount of effort people make to improve players' lives as people who require community cooperativity to survive in nature. If players' lives were improved outside of the game, it would be much easier for people to get along in the League community.

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