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Last zed comic. MAJOR SPOILERS


So, The big bad of this comic was master kusho huh? kinda disapointed that shen and jhin just drop out of the story about 1/3 of the way through, but this is Zed's Comic after all. Kusho might actually be the Masked champion that refuses to die that RIot was teasing. Would be nice, and that design is sick. A nice contrast. Zed is Trained restraint (even though he says that he is not) and Kusho is berserk unleashed power.

What do you guys think?


  • I think the ending either kills the whole thing or adds an interesting future for Zed should they go down that road.

    Like either you've ruined the story by robbing Zed of motive and then having Shen end up hating him despite technically being innocent. Like either Zed will come off as an idiot, or Zed comes off as a misunderstood hero, and it really bothers me. I think this would've been an interesting way for Zed to move past his rivalry with Shen (as most of the rivalries feel kinda stagnant to me atm).

    That being said I can see why Zed doesn't tell Shen at the end, to keep the kinkou the same, but at the same time I hope Shen goes to investigate in a later story, sees the destruction that Kayn and Zed caused to all the enemies before them and then comes to the summit to find his father, and is able to forgive Zed while struggling with the fact that he can't openly forgive Zed without defeating the whole purpose of Zed's efforts. It'd be nice to flip the guilt onto Shen and see a new side of him that isn't 'long thinking' or 'Ima kill that rat bastard Zed'.

  • JikkerJikker Moderator

    It was definitely a bold move to make Kusho the villain all along and it raises a lot of questions honestly the main one being how did Zed cast Master Kusho's head at Shen's feet? Shadow voodoo magic? Why does Zed always wear his mask? Isn't it supposed to be some injury or something? Why would Kusho even want Ionia to go into a civil war? What really happened that made him snap after decades of training to be neutral? Was it the war? Was his plan all along to use and abuse Zed or was he merciful at the start to this "runt" recruit? Speaking of the runt thing, is Zed being "pale" why he has white hair?

    I do feel like the fight with Jihn was anticlimactic as it just kinda ended and he's gone which was definitely leading up to Kusho's reveal. Personally I would have liked to have either cut a bit of bloat in the other comics or one more issue. Make the Jihn fight more meaningful, maybe have Shen almost follow up on who let him go, then don't and end with Shen letting Zed go saying if he sees him again, he'll kill him. Then the final issue is Zed returning, getting betrayed instantly (not even allowed in without having to fight his way in), confronting Kusho, facing Kayn (who then remains loyal to Zed), killing Kusho, and then the ending monologue (perhaps gathering the few remaining faithful and instructing that the new mission is to stop the damage Kusho has done). I feel that would have tied things up a bit better and made for more resolution.

    So overall I feel it's one of the weaker issues that more carried itself on the "twist" rather than actual substance. It brought some good information to round out Zed's character, but it still left too many questions and an odd cliff-hanger sort of ending.


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