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New Tribal Concept - Dragons?

I noticed they have a handful of fun tribal cards such as Poros, Spiders, Elites, and etc. In my opinion, it would be really neat if the developers came out with a Dragons (or, if that is too large of a creature, maybe snake or lizard or something) Unit type as well! Maybe some example cards would be like the following:

Hydragon     (4 mana)    (Unit-Dragon)

Whenever Hydragon takes damage, it gets 2+/0+


Bladespitter     (5 mana)    (Unit-Dragon)

Attack: Create 2 Blade's Edge in hand. They gain Fleeting


Acidspitter     (5 Mana)    (Unit-Dragon)

Attack: Deal 1 damage to each battling creature


Dragon Whelp     (2 mana)    (Unit-Dragon)

Challenger, Cannot Block, Vulnerable


Dragon's Breath     (2 Mana)     (Spell-Burst)

Deal 3 damage to any unit if you have a Dragon Ally on the field

Dragonstorm     (8 Mana)     (Spell-Slow)

Summon all Dragon cards from the top 6 cards of your deck. They gain Fearsome until end of round

Phytodragon     (3 Mana)    (Unit-Dragon)



Deathwing     (6 Mana)    (Unit-Dragon)

Last Breath: Regenerate your strongest dead Dragon ally


Born of Fire     (3 Mana)     (Spell-Slow)

Create two 1/1 Dragon allies

Dragon Broodmaster     (5 Mana)    (Unit-Dragon)

Play: Create a Born of Fire in hand


Dragonlord     (6 Mana)     (Unit-Dragon)

Attack: Gets 1+/1+ for each other Dragon ally


Dragon Egg     (1 Mana)    (Unit-Dragon)

Last Breath: Create a random Dragon ally in hand with mana cost 3 or less


Call the Dragonlords     (8 Mana)     (Spell-Slow)

Create a random Dragon ally from any region with mana cost 6 or more

These are just some random ideas I literally made up off the top of my head, without even thinking of which regions they would go in or anything (sorry if I got some of the terminology/wording wrong, I am fairly new to the game and have been playing Magic the Gathering for the longest time)

Anyways, let me know if you like the idea, or have any suggestions or ideas!


  • A lot of these seem ripped from MTG.

    Also, We might see dragons in set 3, since the demacia champ is shyvana

  • Of course, every fabrication has some subconscious basis in a knowledgeable subject. Although, yes, I was thinking of their MtG counterparts when I made up Egg, Storm, and Whelp specifically. They can carry over much of the same universal concept.

  • Also, a lot of these cards seem really overpriced

    Call of the dragonlords is literally an 8 mana draw one. Dragonstorm is played because of the fact that it has storm. (The MTG one)

    Dragon Broodmother could be 4 mana, since its both understatted and creates a less-than ideal card in hand

    Deathwing should probably say revive

    This version of dragonstorm is definitely worth 8 mana. I'm not the biggest fan of cards that can 'Wiff" but this one seems okay.

    Bladespitter and acidspitter are just flat overcosted. There's no real reason for them to be that expensive.

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