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Does anyone else here hate Clash because it kills otps?

I do, I fucking hate the game mode because I am a Shaco one trick, I don't feel like playing anything else but him, Zilean maybe but we already have a midlaner lol


  • WuksWuks Product Manager

    Had a pretty terrible experience these past two Clashes since we drafted a few OTP's. That being said, our team is considering not playing with them next cycle (unfortunately for them and us).

  • CytheGuyCytheGuy Member

    I mean, the point of it is to create a pseudo-pro environment for everyone to be able to access. You don't see any pro players who are OTPs, even though they might be known for the exceptional skill on one or two champs. They always have a roster of people, since, like you have experienced, OTPs can just get their champs banned out.

  • JikkerJikker Moderator

    Frankly in a game like League, while OTP can help you brute force climb through the ranks, a skilled team player that is actively competing in a tournament like Clash needs to have a roster rather than be a OTP otherwise you are just handicapping yourself and your team if your champ gets banned.

    When I mained support, for example, Morgana was my main support, but I had Braum and Nami right up there behind her and I was comfortable on many other supports, mostly Thresh and Leona, that I could pick if my team needed it.

  • sukishoosukishoo Member
    edited May 25

    Well that's kind of the point to it. If you are only playing a very limited pool, the enemy has an easy option of banning you out so that it can give them an advantage. It is supposed to be a somewhat pro style team environment after all, and in pro games they generally have an idea of what their opponents tend to play.

    My position is support generally, and I tend to main Morgana (with a million points spread across several accounts). So she is often banned in the clash tournaments but I have plenty of back ups to play if and when they do take her out as she is not the absolute must have.

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