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Units cannot die loosing "this round" buff


Is what is described below expected/correct behaviour?

Suppose a unit with X health: 1) receives a "+Y health this round" buff, then 2) takes at least X damage but does not die, then 3) looses the buff as the round ends, 4) does *not* loose any health at the round end?

I specifically fought a Avarosan Hearthguard with a For Demacia buff and damaged it 5. In the end-of-turn it remained at 5|3.

This may be correct but it's quite unintuitive?


  • It's shitty to play against but I suppose they thought it would be weird If the unit died off-combat like that. It's mostly color-code mistake. The unit correctly block part of the damage, it's just it's color-coded as If they had the buff.

    Unit has 1 Health. Recieves +1 Health this round buff. You deal 1 Damage. The unit used the +1 Health buff to mitigate the 1 Damage so it still has its 1 Health without buff. It seems as If the unit lost the buff afterwards but being able to take the 1 Damage and survive was the buff already and was expended. If it didn't work that way the buff would be virtually useless beyond being anti-Overwhelm.

  • JikkerJikker Moderator

    Moved as this is better suited to discussions of Legends of Runeterra 😉

  • I believe it also matters as many cards and units See damage as an impact on how they function. You might have temporary health but losing that hp is still the unit taking damage.

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