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Alright so Sej is best ride or die in the lore right now (And new Kai'sa story)


I'm not gonna spoil it but man, she legit goes hardcore like ALL THE TIME and its awesome and her relationship and care for Bristle is great.

Honestly among my favorite color stories.

Also, can I just say 1 she looks great with a death knot, 2 how common is it to get cut across the nose? I mean her and Yasuo both have like exactly the same injury.

What I'm wondering is when this is in relation to the warriors cinematic. At the end the cliff hanger might lead to some stuff happening and might be really interesting if the warriors cinematic is the result of the end of this story.

Side note: Kai'sa got a story and I wanna know, am I the only one who thinks this still ins't enough to actually make her an interesting character?


Maybe I'm just harsh on her because shes so basic, but personally, I think she'd need a whole visual update and more depth to her story to make her interesting. Thoughts?


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