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Card balancing

The main problem with the game is card balancing. Some cards are a must have, some are viable in some decks and there are many cards that are unplayable. Here are some changes I would make during the burn and elusive meta.

Elusive- elusive is sometimes hard to deal with for some decks as they may not have the removal or ability to force them into blocking. For elusive I would change the effect that if the elusive unit takes damage they lose their elusive effect. This nerf may not seem that impactful but it can be in some cases as you can no longer trade value trades as often and they become very vulnerable to AOE spells.

Quinn- Quinn is a card that is rarely seem play at the minute due to the meta being aggro. Although this is used in MF scouts this deck is not that viable at the moment but still fun to play. The changes I would make to Quinn are make her a 4/4. This first change is not too big but could have the potential to make her played a lot more. Second thing I would change is give the first valor you summon barrier so. This would make sure you can get both scout attacks of in one turn and allows for slightly more removal. Overall Quinn does need some changes in the current card set but maybe new card can make her viable.

Crimson disciple- this card is just too powerful at the minute with the fact this card can just chip away at your nexus while the make value trades and with imperial demolitionist the card can deal 4 very fast. The simple change I would make is making it a 2/2 To reduce that amount of protection you can give this card. This would not kill the card but just be slightly easier to kill with some spells.

There are others card I may discuss in the future but these are just some minor changes that could be useful for this game.



  • Giving Valor Barrier is a bad idea. The whole point of valor is that he dies very, very quickly. Giving him barrier negates that. Also, there is no real reason to give him barrier. He's not being protected by armor or magic. He's just a bird

  • Quinn is amazing, especially with Katarina and being able to rally multiple times in a single turn, shes slept on tbh

  • The problem I think people seem to have is they don't really use Quinn properly. While scout is a great mechanic, just throwing every scout card in to get Quinn online isn't going to work. She's great, but she's more of a support champion. Sticking her next to Garen and Lucian or a Katarina in a rally deck is great, or pairing her with Fiora for a challenger control deck, or even just sticking her next to MF for paired level triggers to run an online MF works great.

    Think of Quinn the same way you would Bram. Solid card, but isn't game winning on its own like something like Tryn or Darius. She's there to support your win condition (in this case throwing beefy bois at the enemy nexus over and over).

    For the elusive, yea I can see its kind of annoying. The main drawback already though is most of them start with low health to begin with, and with the exception of a few spells that give barrier at burst speed (riposte, prismatic barrier, etc) Demacia buffs to HP MOSTLY work at fast or slow speed, so save your direct damage spells as response to their plays to kill 2 cards out of their hand. If you're up against an elusive Freljord deck on the other hand... yea I can see how it can get annoying. Challenger is a direct counter to it though, as are cards like whirling death and dueling strike (the one where 2 units strike eachother, forget the exact name). Seeing more ways to counter or handle elusive units in future cards is probably enough to make it more fair (like maybe adding a spell card that blocks ublocked units or something, overwhelm would still go through 100% but would have no restriction on what units can be blocked, saving you from some buffed elusives).

    Lastly Disciple has SO many answers to it already it's hardly overpowered. It's just super efficient in burn/survival decks that it's almost always an automatic pick if you have any kind of self damage. I mean, you can culling blade it, challenge it with the 5/1 trefarian, noxian guillotine the lot of them if they have multiples, shadow blade it (or whatever the name of the Isles 3 damage spell is), silence it, mystic shot it during combat after they ping it with whatever they played with it. Dropping it to 2 health would pretty much kill the card. Honestly the main deck i see people complain about disciple in is that stupid champless burn deck, and desciple isn't the core problem but more just how much value you get for such low cost (mitigated by them gutting a few of its power cards like boomcrew rookie). If you run into a lot of burn decks consistently that use it sideboard in some lifestealers or drain cards, or cards like tavernkeeper. The deck runs out of steam REAL quick so if you can outlast it to about turn 6 or so you'll be fine.

  • I mean editing your deck between games if you find you're coming up against a lot of one type of deck (I did it a lot back in the champless burn meta where 4/5 games was against that burn deck).

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